A snow leopard rests against a rock.
The elusive snow leopard TNC is working to protect snow leopards through our protected area management work. © D. Tseveenravdan

In Mongolia, our priorities are to:

  • Protect Land and Water

    Mongolia’s grasslands are one of the planet’s most critical conservation priorities—a last-chance ecosystem that must be saved for a sustainable future. Thus, the Mongolian government pledged to protect 30% of its lands. Explore

  • Community Based Conservation

    TNC emphasizes the significance of herder communities, relying on livestock herding for their livelihoods, and their extensive traditional knowledge. It recognizes that herder leadership in grassland conservation. Explore

  • Tackle Climate Change

    Climate change is here now. TNC Mongolia is working to tackle climate change through Natural Climate Solutions, which can help Mongolia avoid or increase the capture of up to 240,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually by 2030. Explore

  • Develop Permanent Financing Mechanisms for Conservation

    Together with the Government of Mongolia, TNC initiated to implement the Eternal Mongolia PFP. It will create financial sustainability in the conservation sector while supporting ambitious conservation goals in Mongolia. Explore